Enthusiasts Petition Microsoft to Make Andromeda


Stephen Brashear Getty Images

Microsoft should see the writing on the wall now.

While many news outlets revealed that Microsoft's heavily coveted Andromeda project is in the works and an announcement can be expected by 2019, a recent report suggests that the tech giant may be canceling the project altogether.

The petition, on Change.org, has already gained over 6,300 signatures in just over a day of being live.

With reports of Microsoft postponing and possibly cancelling its as-yet unannounced Andromeda project, a fan who wants to see the Surface Phone saved, Microsoft's secret Andromeda project, is petitioning to gain signatures to show Microsoft "the demand" for the product. What Microsoft did do, however, was state that if ever it does enter the mobile industry again, it would be through a device that is in a class far different than its competitors.

Meanwhile, it's also entirely possible that Microsoft's Surface Phone will cost above $1,000 as Samsung's similar version of upcoming Galaxy X may cost around $2,000.

Windows Phone fans are no stranger to petitions. However, there were some reservations from investors that this phone's launch may have a bad ending like Nokia's Windows Phones, thus the Andromeda never made it to the production line. Would you be willing to jump onto a handset developed by Microsoft?

In a lot of ways, re-entering the smartphone industry with a powerful productivity device would be a strategic move for Microsoft. Rumors are abounding that manufacturers such as Samsung are looking to expand into foldable phones with the Galaxy X, but even that device appears to be perenially delayed.

The app is now available on Microsoft's platforms such as Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox, but has strangely been missing from the most widely used mobile operating systems Android and iOS. If Microsoft can do this, Apple and Samsung might have another brand to worry about.

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