One killed four hurt in mob attack in Tripura

Jobless Graduates Pending Loans Aftermath Of The Grand Engineering Dream

Jobless Graduates Pending Loans Aftermath Of The Grand Engineering Dream

Jahir Khan died on the spot while Gulzar and Khurshid Khan sustained major injuries. He also cautioned not circulate fake news and images with a view to spreading panic in the society.

The incident took place this morning when three of them reached Urabari in a auto, and a mob comprising of more than 300 people attacked the trio after they mistook them to be child-traffickers.

Authorities in north-eastern India have cut internet access after mobs beat three people to death in lynchings sparked by rumours spread on smartphones, officials have said.

A vendor from Uttar Pradesh was lynched and four others, including a policeman, were seriously injured when a group of persons mistook them to be child lifters. "Senior civil and police officials have rushed to these areas and additional security has been deployed to control the situation", the official added.

They had hired a vehicle from Bitterban, an urban slum here, and when they reached the area, people suspecting them to be child lifters started beating them up, the AIG said.

July 1, 2018: Five people got off a state transport bus in the tribal-dominated Rainpada hamlet and one of them tried to speak to a child there, police said.

Two traders and the driver were transported to hospital in critical condition. A hawker, he was suspected of being a child lifter along with two men. TSR jawans opened several rounds of blank fire and burst tear gas shells but the mob did not relent till one of the hawkers was dead. "I showed them my driving licence, Aadhaar and identity cards but they still attacked us", Miah told news agency PTI.

The current spate of killings started previous year in May in eastern Jharkhand state after rumours on WhatsApp about child kidnappers led to the lynching of six men.

To maintain law and order in the state, internet and SMS services have been suspended for next 48 hours from Thursday at 2 PM. One of the first cases was reported from Obanapalle village in Andhra Pradesh on April 28 when locals thrashed a mentally unsound man to death.

Videos such as a Pakistani safety video showing a child being kidnapped by two men on a motorbike are often passed off as real incidents along with text messages that urge parents to be on high alert, fuelling mass hysteria in response to the hoax warnings.

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