Government still dragging feet on air quality, says air pollution super-inquiry

Children 30% more exposed to car fumes than adults because they are short

Children exposed to 30 per cent more air pollution than adults because they are shorter, study finds

"Through practical workshops and assemblies, we are teaching children the importance of air quality so they and their families can then make choices to reduce their pollution".

Copeland, Barrow, Allerdale and Carlisle all came in the top 10 when it came to low levels of air pollution coupled with affordable housing.

Referring to the scientific claims that Yoga can improve oxygen intake, Shekhar said such an activity will not lead to desired results if the air was polluted.

Muna Suleiman, clean air campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said they are inviting schools everywhere to join the fight against air pollution this Clean Air Day.

Meanwhile environmental lawyers at ClientEarth - which has won three court cases against the government over its failure to deal with illegal levels of air pollution - said the Government has missed the point of the report and made soft commitments.

Cars, especially diesel ones, are the biggest polluters on the streets and people are more exposed to road pollution inside their cars stuck in traffic than if they travel by bus, tram, bike, or simply walk.

"Closing the road for Clean Air Day is an effective way of showing the difference that leaving the auto at home can make and helping to get children and parents to think about important environmental issues like traffic and air pollution".

Chris Large, senior partner from the campaign group, said: "Millions of children in the United Kingdom that are walking to school along busy roads are potentially being exposed to 30 per cent more pollution than their parents".

Mum Mala Kapoor, from Leeds, said she was shocked to hear how exposed children are to air pollution and will be walking to school with her son today. "Since having my son Ariyan, I have been more concerned about health and wellbeing". This year I want to see even more people take long-term action.

Alternative fuels provider Certas is calling for businesses to offer their views on alternative fuels and the role they have to play in the UK's efforts to reduce air pollution.

"If you're travelling in Chester, Clean Air Day is an ideal opportunity to try the Park & Ride for free if you've never given it a go before". Clue: good ventilation such as opening windows when cooking, and using natural cleaning products really helps.

The authority's cabinet is expected to give the go-ahead for the council to consult on plans to reduce air pollution in Birmingham and help protect the health of those who live and work in the city.

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