Google's digital tape measure app is live for ARCore devices

Google’s AR measurement app is coming to an Android phone near you

Google Measure update adds ARCore Android phone compatibility

Google Measure in action.

Although Google Measure boasts greater compatibility after today's update, the augmented reality app is still clunky and impractical, especially compared to its iOS counterpart - also called Measure - which is built into iOS 12.

Google's updated Measure app makes it available on more phones.

For starters, the Measure app lets you obtain the size or height of things in the real world by moving your phone around to look for objects and then dragging the length tool or height tool into the camera viewfinder. It's ideal, for instance, for people who are looking to get new furniture in, but might not have a physical tape measure to hand.

The Measurement app helps in quick, everyday measurements around the house or office. This isn't a fast process and can be a bit of a pain when you just want to measure something. Shorter measurements are usually within half an inch, while longer measurements can be off by several inches.

Apple's not the only one with a measuring application for augmented reality devices!

So, how do you use the app?

It works best if you use it on textured, well-lit surfaces, the company says, and you need to move your phone around the area before you start measuring stuff.

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