'Daria' to Get a Reboot From MTV Studios

Image via MTV

Image via MTV

MTV also released a new video with the opening sequence for MTV Studios, which you can check out below.

Feels like we're waking up every morning to news that an old school fave has been rebooted, dunnit?

The relaunch will be run by MTV Studios - a new unit repackaging the network's shows for streaming services.

Just like the 1990s original, the new Aeon Flux centers on its titular "badass heroine assassin" Aeon Flux as she partners with a crew of biohacking rebels as they fight to save humanity.

Seeking to make an immediate impact, some of the first new shows we can expect to see will include reboots of The Real World, Aeon Flux, and Daria. The GOP is openly fueled by greed, contempt, and a callous, inhuman disregard for the lives and comfort of those who don't look like them, and their president, whose name nearly definitely appeared as a punchline at some point during Daria's original run, openly praises fascists and human rights abusers while insulting our allies. All that said, this sounds like a clever and timely way to update the series for the 21st century, and if the show can maintain the same wit and charm as the original Daria, I'm all for it. Deadline says the Daria reboot is coming from Grace Edwards, a writer on Inside Amy Schumer. You have a whole different generation of young people that are growing up that didn't experience cable in the way you and I did. But what that opens up for us is everything that's pure music, longform, animation, scripted and more of our younger unscripted, whether that be formats or docuseries.

"The show that invented modern reality television returns to its roots". If MTV is serious about capitalizing on its intellectual property with its new MTV Studios shingle, Daria's about as good a pick as any to start with.

"This is the real life story of friends who are growing up on the edge of two countries, two cities as they share one Valley, their youth and common bond", MTV said.

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