Trump justifies separation of children from migrant parents


Fact check: Phantom law on migrant kids

Expanded facilities could be key, as migrant children separated from their parents are now housed by a different department, Health and Human Services.

A grand bargain in Congress to finally resolve deep divisions over immigration law appeared unlikely, with Trump focused on winning funding for a wall he has long wanted to build along America's southern border with Mexico.

So far, 2,000 children have been separated from their families since the U.S. began enforcing a "zero-tolerance" policy at the border.

Let's check back in on what Trump is doing in the name of the American people.

The Trump administration blames previous administrations for lax border laws that entice immigrants to come to the United States, and also for a 2008 law that allows children to be taken into custody by HHS.

In a tape obtained by ProPublica, a Border Agent jokes in Spanish: "Well, we have an orchestra here. What we're missing is a conductor".

That's a false claim; The family separations are a result of the administration's "no tolerance" immigration policy.

"In the face of this ongoing human tragedy, let me be very clear: NY will not be party to this inhumane treatment of immigrant families", Governor Cuomo said in a statement. "We will not deploy National Guard to the border, and we will not be complicit in a political agenda that governs by fear and division".

Republican Senator John McCain condemned the practice in a statement on Monday, saying.

The family separations, documented by online videos of youngsters detained in cages, put Trump back at the center of a furor over immigration, an issue he inflamed as a presidential candidate and that he has carried into his administration.

"The time is now for the White House to end the cruel, tragic separations of families", said Sen. "It should do so now".

"Are you going to call my aunt so she can come pick me up?" the girl pleaded.

Holocaust survivor Yoka Verdoner was one of a growing chorus who have likened family separations to what happened at concentration camps. "It needs to be stopped immediately". "We need safety. We have to take care of our people", said the US President.

Only 27 percent of Americans support Trump's child imprisonment policy (even Bill O'Reilly is against it).

But similar images of children sleeping on the ground exist now.

"As everyone who has looked at this agrees, this was done by the president, not Democrats".

On Monday, US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended the "zero-tolerance" policy, arguing that the government was simply following the law and it would be up to Congress to change it.

Under the policy, adults who try to cross into the USA illegally, many of whom plan to seek asylum, are placed in custody and undergo criminal prosecution.

Health experts have said children can suffer lifelong physical and psychological challenges when they are forcibly separated from a parent.

He, however, offered that he's encouraged by the public's reaction to the controversial policy.

In the past, some migrants entering illegally were caught and then released. "I want border security".

But the figures suggest something else. That includes six in 10 men and seven in 10 women. Their task has been made more hard by President Donald Trump, who has demanded a broad immigration package rather than a smaller, quick fix that has a higher chance of reaching his desk.

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