YouTube challenges Spotify and Apple Music with new music streaming app

YouTube preparing to battle Spotify with latest offering

Google shares more info on YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium subscriptions

With the new YouTube Music service, Google is expanding availability to more markets, and offering it as a standalone service (rather than rolled into YouTube Red, which is on the chopping block). Kind of, sort of. If you are a current YouTube Red customer, you can continue to enjoy both services at the price you're paying. That's right, Google already has a YouTube Music app, but it sucks and no one uses it.

YouTube Music is free as long as you don't mind ads.

Google is launching this music service because it says that YouTube in its current form is not an ideal platform for consuming music.

Users of the YouTube Music app will be able to access music, playlists, live performances, videos and radio.

YouTube Music is launching in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea next Tuesday (22nd May), with other markets - including the United Kingdom - following in the "coming weeks". If you want background listening, downloads, and no ads, you can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99/month.

YouTube Music begins rolling out next Tuesday in the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. That means users can listen to tracks without having the app open or playing the visuals of a music video, and they can also download tracks for offline listening. Nothing else will change with Google Play Music for now.

Interestingly YouTube Music will support more AI smarts.

You have to love the marketing folks over at Google. Of course, all of the music videos you expect from YouTube will also be available here. It is also expected to roll out to more countries soon which should be good news as prior to this, YouTube Red's availability was still somewhat limited. According to Recode, YouTube Music will eventually replace Google Play Music, Google's very similar music streaming service. They will get a subscription to YouTube Music Premium at no extra cost. However, if you are not a member and plan to go for the bundle in the future, the whole premium streaming service will set you back $11.99.

With Google focusing its resources on artificial intelligence, AI makes a big impact for Google users who will use YouTube Music.

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