Patient Tapes ER Doctor Beth Keegstra Mocking Him During Anxiety Attack

ER doctor suspended for mocking black patient suffering anxiety attack: ‘You people come here for drugs’

California ER doctor is suspend after seen on video mocking a patient and yanking his arm

The Daily Mail reports 20-year-old West Valley college student Samuel Bardwell was rushed to El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, California, after sustaining injuries during a practice with his basketball team. "He must be dead".

She then asked Bardwell mockingly, "Are you dead, sir?". Don't try to tell me you can't move. Bardwell's father, Daniel, reportedly recorded their unsettling June 10 encounter with Dr. Beth Keegstra, 57, and posted the footage to Facebook. The doctor maintains that the basketball player's breathing is fine as "he has an oxygen saturation that is 100 percent". He is breathing perfectly normally.

"This week, a patient who visited the emergency department at our Los Gatos campus had an interaction with a physician whose demeanor was unprofessional and not the standard we require of all who provide care through El Camino Hospital", the hospital said in a release.

El Camino Hospital said Keegstra was "removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation", SFGate reported.

Efforts by ABC News to reach Keegsta for comment were not immediately successful.

Bardwell, who said he is a student at West Valley College in Saratoga, California, suffers from anxiety attacks and takes Klonopin, medication meant to treat seizures and anxiety disorders, his father, Donald, told SFGate.

The Mercury News also interviewed West Valley basketball coach Scott Eitelgeorge, who said that Samuel, who stands 6-foot-9, "wasn't looking too good" and appeared to have a particularly severe anxiety attack, having stepped out after just five minutes or so of basketball practice. "We didn't know what the effect of not taking the meds would be".

Since Donald Bardwell uploaded the video to Facebook, the clip has been shared over 106,000 times and been viewed by more than 4.2 million people. Research has shown that those who suddenly stop taking Clonazepam, or Klonopin, can experience "discontinuation symptoms", such as "anxiety, shaking/trembling/tremor, nausea/vomiting, insomnia/nightmares, excessive sweating, tachycardia/palpitations, headache, weakness, and muscle aches". Because I'm in pain and I have anxiety. At one point, Samuel says he can't inhale, to which the doctor responds-amid chuckles, "He can't inhale. Wow!"

From that point on, the conversation was captured on camera.

"Sure", Keegstra replied. "And he doesn't have Klonopin because he doesn't have his Klonopin".

Donald Bardwell told The Chronicle that Keegstra was accusatory from the start.

She then accuses Samuel of being able to put his head up before attempting to force him to sit up, despite his verbal objections.

Samuel Bardwell (pictured) a victim of racism or just of a foul attitude jaded medic?Dr Beth Keegstra just jaded or racist?

"You want us to wheel you to your house in a gurney?" she asks him, after. "I'm having you sit up!"

"He was on medication for his anxiety but was off his [medication] for two days because he couldn't get to the pharmacy before it closed", Donald Bardwell told the Mercury News. "I said nothing about narcotics". Keegstra says, later adding "this is ridiculous". "You have changed your story everying f--king time".

When Bardwell disputed that claim, Keegstra raised her voice and said he had been changing his story. "He's obviously a doctor".

In an updated statement, the hospital confirmed its " ... contracted provider for emergency services, Vituity/California Emergency Physicians, has been notified to permanently remove this physician from the list of approved physicians assigned to provide emergency care at our hospitals".

The doctor offered some belittling to go along with her treatment.

"He can't inhale!" Keegstra said.

With her patient in shock over her remark, she continued swearing.

For now, Dr. Keegstra's actions have resulted in her suspension.

The spokeswoman said Keegstra is no longer at the Mayo Clinic. He told the doctor he can't breathe.

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