YouTube Music is expanding to 12 new countries

Above You Tube Music  Premium pricing

Above You Tube Music Premium pricing

Get YouTube Music Premium to listen ad-free, in the background and on-the-go with downloads. "Supporting two apps on the market does come with some challenges and there are some beloved features in Google Play Music that we are in the process of building [into YouTube Music]".

Google boasts that 1.3 billion internet users already listen to music via YouTube, but it wants a bigger slice of the paid-for music market.

Since the launch in the USA of YouTube Music, the question most people have been asking is: why isn't this a direct replacement to Google Play Music? The plan includes up to six family members and costs $14.99/£14.99/€14.99 per month.

Youtube have just launched two new streaming services - with Youtube Music and Youtube Premium available now in the United Kingdom and 16 other countries.

Google Play Music will also still run, and this will again be included in both the subscription tiers.

Google has finally announced that its recently released YouTube Music streaming service is coming to the UK.

The money paid by streaming operators has helped revive the music industry over the last three years. The subscription includes the original shows and the YouTube Music Premium service. It's going to eventually replace Google Play Music in Google's lineup and, unlike its predecessor, it links directly to ... It will also offer automatic recommendations based on the artists and songs you have played before on the service, along with where you are now located, and what you might be doing. Additionally, YouTube has now officially launched a YouTube Music Premium Family plan, which it apparently hadn't done at last month's inaugural launch in the USA and elsewhere.

YouTube Premium is basically the same service as YouTube Red.

YouTube Premium also nets you access to YouTube Originals - YouTube's own TV series like Cobra Kai, Impulse and F2 Finding Football.

As well as offering ad-free music streaming, YouTube Premium includes background listening/playing and downloads across all the platform. Again, if you have not yet tried out YouTube Red, you can check out YouTube Premium for free for three months. Google is arguing that its recent focus on AI is part of the reason, and that it will allow you to find music by describing it in a search rather than having to know the name and artist.

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