Tragic Details Surrounding 22-Year-Old Comedian Eurydice Dixon's Murder

Comedian Eurydice Dixon 22 was 900m from home when she was allegedly raped and

Comedian Eurydice Dixon 22 was 900m from home when she was allegedly raped and

Earlier in the week, a man was charged with raping and murdering Dixon as she walked home from a comedy performance.

Victoria Police's response to Dixon's murder has since drawn criticism as they advised people to "be aware of their own personal security and just be mindful of their surroundings." . And she really had just started to find her feet as a performer. Her body was reportedly found hours later in a football field.

Their knees muddy and their arms linked, rival footballers stand in silence around the flowers that are piling up where Eurydice Dixon was killed.

She left a bar with her friend at 10:30pm, bought a protein bar and a Dr Pepper, hugged her friend goodbye and said: "I think I feel like walking tonight".

News organisations reported the 19-year-old male suspect has autism and people were quick to reject that as any kind of defence. Our comedy community is like a family & this news is beyond heart breaking.

It's terrifying because, for her, it was such an average night - in a year's time she probably wouldn't have remembered any of the specifics.

We've all walked home after a night out or even just after work or whatever, because we haven't had money to get a cab or we couldn't get on to public transport or there wasn't public transport where we were going.

There was also frustration at the police's advocacy for women displaying situational awareness and to carry a phone, especially since Eurydice had texted her friend saying she was nearly home just minutes before her alleged rape and death.

The Reclaim Princes Park Facebook page said every woman should be able to get home safely. It was a good thing that 24 blokes on each side played this morning and we could come over and pay our respects. A man has been charged with her murder. Police say they did not know each other.

Reducing The Project panel to tears, Lisa Wilkinson delivered a powerful message, calling for more to be done to protect women.

. "Sometimes not. I am so sad and I feel scared and we should not have to bear the burden of this".

But Police Minister Lisa Neville and Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp admit they do not always feel safe themselves. "But maybe I need to be more careful in the future". Instead of sending a message to Australian's about the despicable actions committed at the hands of men, and the need for us to teach men not to rape and murder - The police gave women a warning on vigilance.

"There are a lot of important women in our lives and we need to change".

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