Gunman wounds 2 at Walmart store, fatally shot by bystander

A shooting at the Walmart in Tumwater Washington causes several victims

YoutubeA shooting at the Walmart in Tumwater Washington causes several victims

"People are grabbing their kids and pushing them in front of them and saying go, go, go and starting heading toward the nearest exit and you just start running and you don't know where to run to in all honesty", said Bryan Adams, who was one of the customers inside the store. Wohl said they later confirmed that the man doing the shooting was the same person involved in the carjacking.

The incident happened around 5 the Walmart Supercenter at 5900 Littlerock Rd SW, located near several businesses, including a Home Depot and a Toyota dealership. The suspect then headed to Walmart, Wohl said.

He was shot while the armed suspect tried to carjack his vehicle, Wohl said.

Officers are investigating four scenes connected with the shootings.

Tumwater is in Thurston County and near Olympia.

As the suspect tried to take a second auto a "bystander here in the parking lot shot the suspect", Wohl said.

Shots were fired in that area, and a 16-year-old girl was injured but not fatally.

Darren Gossler of Elma was in the store when the shooting started.

Kailani Bailey told the Tacoma News Tribune she was shopping inside the grocery section of the Walmart when a tall man in a T-shirt and jeans ran in and shoved people out of the way, ordering them to "move, move".

She said she got over to her vehicle, but knew she wouldn't be able to get out of the parking lot because many people were trying to flee. Police later determined that it was actually a carjacking, Wohl said. No customers or employees were injured. She heard "pop, pop, pop", and a man yelling "there's a guy shooting".

He said the civilian with a gun confronted the gunman as he came toward the civilian's family. Witnesses say the bystander then grabbed a medical kit and rendered aid to the victim who was shot. "He took action. I really think more people could have been shot. he saved us all".

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