Google Introduces VR180 Creator for 3D and VR Video Editing

Google’s VR180 Creator simplifies VR video editing

Google Releases VR180 Creator Desktop Software for Editing Your VR...

This does not mean that the world will see many low-budget films for glasses virtual reality, but it is a big step towards technological progress.

For VR180 to take off, Google needs to discover approaches to get more individuals to shoot VR video.

The rollout of the VR180 format is well under way with the launch of the Mirage Camera in the United States, and possibly soon in Australia, and Google is now working to make working with the video format easier for content creators by today launching Mac and Linux apps which can convert them into standard videos for distribution.

Users can capture their memories in VR with affordable VR180 cameras and the simplified editing process provided by VR180 Creator. With it, editing your VR videos for uploading to supported services should be a total breeze. Convert for Publishing feature allows you to take raw fisheye footage from VR180 cameras and then convert it into standardized equidirect projection. The second feature- Prepare for Publishing- will re-inject VR180 metadata to enable 2D/VR viewing on Google Photos or YouTube.

VR180 captures only half of what regular 360° video does with two cameras on every device providing a 180° x 180° FOV. The output can in turn be edited with apps like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. If you want to try out the VR180 Creator, you can download it from here.

Google introduces VR180 Creator, an affordable camera that is small enough to fit in your pocket and allow users to shoot three-dimensional, immersive photos and videos.

Google released a new tool that promises to make the life of a video editor easier.

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