Gisele Bundchen told Tom Brady to 'get up' during his proposal

Gisele Bundchen reveals the alarming way Tom Brady proposed

Gisele Bundchen reveals the alarming way Tom Brady proposed

Gisele Bundchen came under fire recently after she said she'd never promote herself on social media like younger models, claiming to be "older and wiser" than a lot of today's catwalk stars. "I admire the younger generation and their skill to manage all the added demand of social media".

Tom Brady is known as a meticulous, obsessive planner, so you had to know he'd go all out when he asked a woman to spend the rest of her life with him.

The model added that she wasn't thrilled to see the National Football League player take the traditional knee. "When I got there, the whole apartment had candles and rose petals everywhere, and then he went down on his knees to propose".

"It's not my generation - I have to be honest about that". Bundchen said she was "sorry" for the remarks that she made in Vogue's July issue. Doing her best to "Make the world a better place", when she isn't signing copies of her new book she's helping people around the globe with her charity work.

"I'm like, 'Get up!' 'cause he just had surgery and had three staph infections", Bundchen shared.

Bundchen also told Vogue that while she has a close relationship with some of the mothers at her children's school, she doesn't hang out with the significant others of fellow Patriots players. Talking about the way young models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid use Instagram to promote projects, Gisele said, "If it was me, it would only be pictures of sunsets".

"I'm not a model".

"Yes I do! Feliz dia dos namorados!"

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