Ford to Scrap Ontario's Carbon System in Challenge to Trudeau

Doug Ford puts gasoline companies ‘on notice’ over weekend price hikes

ON Premier-Designate Ford Announces End of Carbon Tax

"Today, I want to confirm that as a first step to lowering taxes in Ontario, the carbon tax's days are numbered".

"The gas companies, I'm putting you on notice".

The current scheme adds 4.42 cents per litre on regular gasoline. "Nothing drives people more insane than on the weekend mysteriously all these prices of gas go up", he said.

Ford also announced that Ontario would be serving notice of its withdrawal from the joint agreement linking Ontario, Quebec and California's cap-and-trade markets as well as the pro-carbon tax Western Climate Initiative.

His pledge to end the cap-and-trade program, created to cap and lower carbon emissions over time, drew an immediate rebuke from Greenpeace.

The provincial government will ensure Toronto police get all the resources they need because this can't happen again, Ford said.

"By abandoning action on climate change, Doug Ford is simply raising the extreme weather tax which is already wrecking homes, crops and public infrastructure", said Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist for the environmental group. "If the new government changes or eliminates its system, that assessment may change and the federal price on pollution would apply".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan requires provinces to put a price on carbon or the federal government will do it for them and refund the proceeds, possibly directly to residents and businesses.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn said in a statement that said a carbon tax makes life more unaffordable for families while doing nothing for the environment.

Ontario has made close to $3 billion in a series of cap-and-trade auctions since the system was introduced by the Liberals past year. The government will provide clear rules for the orderly wind down of the cap-and-trade program. "Ontario families deserve clean lakes, and healthy smog-free air", Tabuns said.

Trudeau's government is bringing in carbon pricing rules to cover all provinces and a "backstop" for local governments that don't come up with their own plans this year.

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