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Apple bans developers from selling user contacts

Apple quietly closed an important privacy loophole while preaching about its data protection credentials (AAPL)

Bloomberg said the Apple rule change came into force last week and stops a practice that has been employed for years by developers in a bid to "juice growth and make money". However, it is exactly this tactic that also got Facebook into such trouble this year. The features of Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing are still in development stages, but both Google and Apple seem to be offering numerous same functions, like visual reports on phone and app usage, notification enhancements, and app limiting abilities.

Tim Cook's company made it clear at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month that it was administering new controls to limit tracking of web browsing activities of users. Apple says it has based its numbers on research by Dr Michael Mandel of the non-profit Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), which defines a worker in the app economy as someone who is either directly involved with "the ability to develop, maintain, or support mobile applications", or "indirect" and "spillover" jobs that support app developers, such as marketing or management. The updated guidelines forbid third parties from doing so.

Onavo Protect is a VPN service which provides anonymity to users from service providers, but it is merely an elaborate coverup to suck massive amounts of data and track device usage pattern of users who have enabled it. But the company could also be targeting Facebook's Onavo Protect VPN service, which poses as a way to grant users anonymity from service providers and websites but is explicitly created to vacuum up huge amounts of data on the device usage habits of anyone who enables it.

Onavo Protect is still listed on the App Store as of late Tuesday evening, but if it disappears it could be a sign that the Apple-Facebook standoff that has always been brewing is heating up. Thus, in 2012, the company added an option for users to explicitly give permission to developers to access their contacts, photos, locations, etc.

As part of the refresh users will find the app now has five new tabs across the bottom of the app, all presenting a different interface and different functionality. Generally, Apple gets 30 percent of any App Store purchase (save subscriptions - those are 15 percent), but Valve wouldn't necessarily be giving Apple a 30 percent cut of each game sold.

However, since then App Store rules have remained more or less unchanged.

According to data shared by Apple, developers' apps have generated more than $100 billion since the App Store was launched.

In order for the TV app to function properly, users must have each network's standalone app installed on their iOS device or Apple TV.

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