$45000 Banksy Print Stolen from Toronto Exhibition

A man walks past a new work by street artist Banksy on a wall by the Barbican Centre

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Police say the print, valued at $45,000, was stolen around 5 a.m. Sunday.

A worker prepares for the Art of Banksy exhibit at 213 Sterling Road in Toronto on Monday, June 11, 2018.

Police in Canada said they were investigating the theft and released CCTV footage, which appeared to show a man brazenly walking away with the artwork, entitled Trolley Hunter.

He was described as wearing glasses, a black jacket, a green, camouflage baseball hat, blue jeans that were rolled at the bottom, grey running shoes and glasses.

Trolley Hunters, the print which was stolen.

Trolley Hunters, a work depicting Neanderthal-like men hunting modern shopping carts and regarded as a satirical critique of modern food consumption, is valued as high as $26,000.

The artist is known for his street pieces infused with political and social commentary, and his work that has gained him an worldwide fan base.

In the video, a man enters the exhibit, picks up the print and goes out the door clutching the art piece.

It bears mentioning that this isn't the first time the Toronto exhibit - billed as "the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled!" - has drawn widespread attention of the less-than-positive variety. He passes through two large galleries in the midst of being installed before arriving at a wall hung with several framed prints.

The theft took place just after 5am on Sunday, before the Art of Banksy exhibition's Wednesday opening. Lazarides, who stopped working with Banksy in 2009, defended the exhibition.

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