World Leaders React to Trump-Kim Summit

Merkley Trump Kim summit a'colossal disappointment

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US President Donald Trump says his historic talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that ended in a joint agreement were "tremendous". Following the summit, Trump touted one point in particular, the one that says North Korea will work toward "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula".

Trump and Kim met on Tuesday for a historic diplomatic summit. "Another positive would be the fact that there's a process starting, a process of continued negotiations".

The camera then pans to the rotund Kim who seemed startled and a little embarrassed as his translator repeats Trump's comments back to him. "You've got to take advantage of this momentum".

A confident leader strode into the Singapore summit and won. Light on specifics, the Singapore accord largely amounts to an agreement to continue discussions, echoing previous public statements and commitments.

Trump rejected the idea that the USA was the loser in the talks.

Experts believe the North is close to being able to target the entire U.S. mainland with its nuclear-armed missiles, and while there's deep scepticism that Kim will quickly give up those hard-won nukes, there's also some hope that diplomacy can replace the animosity between the United States and the North.

He said he would halt USA military exercises in South Korea, something widely seen as a concession.

Richardson, who helped negotiate the release of the first American civilian to be held captive in North Korea, said Trump also made an inappropriate move by suggesting an end to joint drills with South Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in spoke by phone with Mr Trump for 20 minutes late on Tuesday, but an official readout of the call made no mention of military exercises, according to Reuters news agency.

He said he is certain Kim is honest in his desire to go nuclear-free and to usher in peace and prosperity for North Koreans.

And as they emerged from the meal for a brief stroll together, Trump appeared to delight in showing his North Korean counterpart the interior of "The Beast", the famed USA presidential limousine known for its high-tech fortifications.

Granted, the US concessions are mostly reversible.

Mr Kim has been accused of committing a string of human rights abuses, including holding thousands of people in gulags, mass starvation of the North Korean people and countless assassinations of political rivals and family members. A different president. A different secretary of state. "There are too many cooks in the kitchen, too many messengers within the administration". For example, President George W. Bush was so enamored with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that senior advisers launched a concerted campaign to curb his enthusiasm.

"You just showed a video that showed you and Kim Jong Un on equal footing, and discussing the future of the country".

President Trump is right: North Korean leader Kim Jung-un is "very talented", and Chinese President Xi Jinping is "a very special person".

"As an example, they have great beaches", he said. I think he loved it. You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle.

Many North Korea watchers have noted that the Singapore summit agreement lacks substance, despite Trump touting it as "very comprehensive".

Such talk may be premature, however.

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