Volvo announces Polestar Engineering upgrades



When the new S60 debuts later this month, Volvo will introduce its new Polestar Engineered tuning pack, which brings a host of upgrades to the company's 60-series models.

The difference here is that Polestar is focused on "electrification" and the first of the new-generation "Polestar Engineered" products will be the T8 version of the third-generation S60 sedan that's due to be revealed in a week from now.

Polestar has fine-tuned the engine control unit to raise the T8 plug-in hybrid drivetrain's outputs from 298kW and 640Nm to 309kW and 670Nm.

New lightweight wheels have an open design to show off the eye-catching golden-painted brake callipers, the new hallmark colour for Polestar Engineered components. The software upgrades improve fuel consumption and emissions-neutral performance, and refines the automatic gear selection. Uniquely available for the flagship T8 model, and set to be offered for the V60 and XC60 in 2019, the package features powertrain, brake, wheel and suspension upgrades.

"The new S60 T8 Polestar Engineered is an electrified auto that does what you want it to", said Henrik Green, senior vice president of research and development at Volvo Cars.

Volvo has launched Polestar Engineered: a performance package created to give a sporty edge to the Swedish brand's lineup, setting the likes of the Audi S4 and BMW 340i M Sport in its sights. Also featured are adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers, paired with a new front strut brace, both shared with the Polestar 1. The aesthetic modifications will also include Polestar emblems, black chrome exhaust tips, and gold seat belts. Seatbelt straps are gold, too, and the vehicle comes with Polestar emblems and black chrome exhaust pipes. All three models will be available in limited quantities either via dealerships or through the Care By Volvo subscription service.

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