Trials Rising Revealed at Ubisoft's E3 2018 Conference

E3 2018: Trials Rising Crashes onto PS4 Next Year

Trials Rising crashes the Ubisoft stage

But another entry in the series is coming in 2019: Trials Rising. The trailer shows off tons of insane, motorbike action and it seems to retain the same familiar formula. Fair enough. Anyway, he announced Trials Rising. Yes, that is correct, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC as well as Nintendo Switch.

A beta for the game is now taking applications at the game's website.

A gameplay trailer was shown off for the title, and it's all sorts of barmy, so have a look for yourself to see what we're in for next year.

"Looking to earn even more fortune and fame?"

You will be able to compete all around the world, on fun and elaborate tracks located across several continents. You'll also have the the freedom to customise and share any outfit or bike skin they want.

Trials Rising adds an exciting new multiplayer mode with the Tandem Bike.

"Trials is back and bigger than ever".

"Two riders, each contributing fifty percent of the power and balance, ride together on one bike". Sign-ups for the closed beta are available now, so players can register in order to play the game first and test it out ahead of its full launch next year.

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