Nintendo starts its E3 with mech game Daemon X Machina

'Daemon X Machina' brings stylized mechs to Switch in 2019

Daemon X Machina Announced For Nintendo Switch

The very first trailer in the presentation was for Daemon x Machina, and it's arriving in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Daemon X Machina features anime-inspired mech combat in urban settings. Although it remains to be confirmed, it seems like the game will include some aspect of co-op and multiplayer.

No release date has been announced at the time of writing. The result looks quite a bit more fast-paced than the usual mech game! Nintendo should make more details available over the coming months.

The new video game is clearly of a mecha genre with some inspiration from popular mecha game franchise Armored Core. Its producer, Kenichiro Tsukuda, is popularly known for his work in the successful mech-based series "Armored Core". Players can even swipe weapons from downed opponents and immediately equip them to change their strategy.

Nintendo revealed Daemon X Machina today during its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event today in Los Angeles.

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