Masterbuilt Manufacturing chimes in on jabs at IHop name change

IHOP is now IHOb: The International House of Burgers

'International House of Burgers'? Check out the best, worst Twitter reactions to 'IHOb'

"This just isn't right ... the universe has officially shifted!"

LATF's President Otis Stokes with his burger + egg and his mini pancakes!

Last week, IHOP announced they were changing their name to IHOb, and the country, much like the restaurant's iconic pancakes, flipped.

Apparently succumbing to the theory that any publicity is good publicity, IHOP announced Monday it is now IHOB.

The switch has been skewered by competitors, and many Yahoo commenters are also incredulous.

Some reviews are in, and one critic stated that the burger surprised him and described it as "perfectly tasty and, astoundingly, not especially greasy". Could we be living in a universe where IHOP was no longer all about pancakes? "I can get a [burger] anywhere".

Rumors of the IHOP pancake's demise, however, have been greatly exaggerated.

Sliced steak maker Steak-Umm and Burger King took different approaches.

Meanwhile, IHOP has expanded into northern DE during the past several years and now has four locations in New Castle, Bear, the Newark area and north Wilmington and A site on Main Street in Newark did not work out and was moved outside the city to Kirkwood Highway.

"It's actually great", Rebelez said.

"IHOPE it works", wrote another.

The IHOb announcement threw many pancake lovers through a loop.

File photo shows an IHOP restaurant sign in Chicago, Illinois. "But it is tied to the launch; we're supporting the launch by flipping our Twitter handle and creating a fully re-burgered IHOb flagship restaurant in Hollywood, California".

However, while the new hamburgers will remain on the menu, the "IHOb" campaign will end later this summer, a restaurant spokeswoman said in an email to NBC.

IHOP's transformation to IHOb was certainly a big surprise for many fans of the breakfast food chain.

He also let us know that this promotion would be temporary before returning to their signature breakfast menu.

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