Far-Right Norwegian Politicians Nominate Trump For Nobel Peace Prize

Trump nominated for Peace Prize by Norway right-wing lawmakers

Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian lawmakers

President Donald Trump was nominated Wednesday for the Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian lawmakers for his work seeking denuclearization of North Korea.

The process of consideration for the award takes place in Norway.

The news comes after a group of U.S. lawmakers also sent a letter to the Nobel Committee nominating the president for the prestigious award, citing his efforts to disarm North Korea. It is unclear whether he was nominated for this year's prize.

The Norwegian lawmakers who nominated Trump were Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy Amundsen of the country's right-leaning Progress Party, which advocates for limited immigration and shrinking the size of government.

The two lawmakers called Trump's actions regarding North Korea "historic", with the potential "to ensure world peace in the future" in statements to Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

Trump's potential nomination makes him eligible for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, as the 2018 process ended last January.

Some Republicans have floated Trump's name for the Nobel Prize in recent months as he worked towards negotiations with North Korea.

Trump sat down with Kim on Tuesday for the first meeting between a sitting US president and North Korean leader in history.

Henrik Urdal, director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, said nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula "would be a very significant achievement and the committee would have to consider it" for an award. The worldwide community ratcheted up economic sanctions at the time as North Korea launched several intercontinental ballistic missiles and tested their most powerful nuclear weapon.

President Barack Obama, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, is the most recent American recipient. In return, Trump promised to end "war games", or joint military exercises, with South Korea.

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