Patent suggests AI learning could be used to identify drunk Uber passengers

Uber wants to use AI to identify drunk passengers

Uber wants to use AI to identify drunk passengers

It describes how the system learns a person's patterns of behavior while using the Uber app, thereby allowing it identify anything that is out of the ordinary. Uber Technology Inc. said that it has applied for a patent that could accurately predict a "the state of the user" and alert the driver with that information.

This will take into account typos, how precisely links and buttons are pressed, walking speed, and also how long it takes to request a ride. To analyze the speed and accuracy of typing the address, the angle of the device, the location and velocity of the potential passenger.

Given drunk people are not known to be the most lucid, sensible or even polite people, certainly here in the United Kingdom, the system could alert Uber drivers to the fact their upcoming customer is flying a few sheets to the wind. So it can better detect your unusual behavior.

It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers. Uber reportedly wants to pair drunk passengers with Uber drivers that can handle them.

A tech that can tell if a passenger is drunk could help drivers avoid dealing with customers that are out-of-control or start puking in their cars.

Ride-hailing services like Uber have transformed nightlife in car-centric cities, ditching the need for designated drivers and limiting intake of alcohol.

The measure seems counterintuitive as many inebriated people use the taxi-app firm's services to safely get back home after a wild night out.

According to Uber, knowing whether a rider is drunk or exhausted could help prevent issues with a trip. The new patent aims at improving the experience of both drivers and the riders.

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