First Look at Wonder Woman 1984 Released, Chris Pine to Return!

Wonder Woman poster

First photos from 'Wonder Woman 1984' confirm that Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor

The photo, shared by Gadot on Twitter, shows Diana standing in front of a wall of televisions showing a variety of 1980s programming.

The following contains a spoiler for Wonder Woman if you haven't seen it yet.

Jenkins has pretty much reunited most of her behind-the-scenes team from Wonder Woman, including director of photography Matthew Jensen, production designer Aline Bonetto, and costume designer Lindy Hemming.

In the 2017 Wonder Woman film, the military pilot gives up his own life to prevent a German gas attack, so how exactly he returns for the sequel is still a mystery.

Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984, the Warner Bros. sequel that's now lensing across parts of Washington D.C. with Chris Pine in tow.

Plot details for the Wonder Woman sequel are now being kept under wraps.

One of the images is quite a doozy.

Jenkins, together with Gal Gadot, dropped the first images from Wonder Woman 2 today which promptly starts production in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA, and in the UK, Spain and the Canary Islands. While the details have been kept tightly under wraps, it has been officially confirmed that Chris Pine will be reprising his role as Steve Trevor (despite his untimely end in the original film) and Kristen Wiig will join as a new nemesis, Cheetah. Luckily, the time period here more or less assures us that'll be the case.

Set to open in theaters November 1, 2019, "Wonder Woman 1984" is based on the character created by William Moulton Marston, appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment.

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