‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer for E3

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Starlink: Battle For Atlas Gets Star Fox Content, October 16, 2018 Release Date

With games like Skull and Bones and Assassin's Creed Odyssey on the horizon for Ubisoft, you'd be forgiven if you forgot about its upcoming toys-to-life game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Players will be tasked with forging alliances, hiring crews, and building starships in order to save Atlas from the oppressive enemy legion.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 16. The new trailer comes ahead of Nintendo's own E3 2018 event, in which the company is rumored to feature its own Star Fox game. Battle in exclusive Add-on Star Wolf missions! It's a welcome release though with those who remember old and recent Star Fox games recently able to play as the space-faring pilot once again in a totally new experience. Here's hoping a selection of cool Arwing toys will be made available to use in conjunction with the game. You can mix and match different items like ship parts (wings and weapons and more), and you can also add different "Pilot" characters. Changes to your physical ship instantly appear in-game allowing you to immediately jump into the battle. But continuing to do so, especially if you're a Nintendo fan, would be a mistake. Why?

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