Popular game Fortnite may save Nintendo

Nintendo may have accidentally just confirmed ‘Fortnite’ for Switch

Nintendo seemingly confirms rumors of Fortnite on Switch

There's now no word yet on when exactly the new GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch will be released.

Fortnite is one of the most teased game for the Nintendo Switch.

Fresh off the rumors that Microsoft will have representation in Super Smash Bros For Switch (I'm rooting for Banjo-Kazooie!), another rumor has arrived via ComicBook.com where they cite a guy claiming that Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid is coming back into the fray.

Judging by the packaging, it looks like the GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch will have the same design and buttons found on the original version.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user SciresM has noticed that Nintendo went forward with an update for the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game was previously released on the Wii U and proved to be a hit with platforming fans, so its release for the Nintendo Switch will be more than welcome.

Fortnite on the Switch will obviously have some hurdles to jump. The announcement video showed Inklings from the Splatoon series (who will apparently make their Smash debut with the new game), along with expected characters like Mario and Link. The Android version has not been released but that is said to be coming soon. Either way, we anticipate this being a big release-one of the most popular games on the planet (at the moment) is about to collide with arguably the hottest console. Apart from Fortnite, if this leaked document is authentic, few other games for Nintendo will also be revealed in the event. Additionally, the "Games on Sale" tab has now been renamed to 'Great Deals.' Nothing else has changed in this section and is pretty self-explanatory. In other Fortnite news, Epic Games the creators of Fortnite announced that it will provide $100 million (R1 254 965 000.00) in prize pool money for Fortnite competitions that will take place the end of this year or the beginning 2019.

Noticeably in both leaks, it only seems to mention Fortnite but not Fortnite Battle Royale the mode that has put the game on the top.

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