MAN Faces His Greatest Enemies In New E3 2018 Trailer

E3 2018: New Marvel Spider-Man Footage Shows Some Main Villains

New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Brings the Baddies

Amongst several games that were showcased during Sony's E3 press conference was the Ghost of Tsushima. For now, this is what we know about Ghost of Tsushima. It's safe to say that the entire thing looks fantastic, while retaining a certain Sucker Punch-ness to the game's animation.

Sony was content with letting the trailer speak for itself, giving it little in the way of introduction and saying nothing about the game afterward. Worse, as you saw at the end of the gameplay video, Spider-Man is no match on his own in the one vs. five situation.

We will have to wait until September 7 to find out the big secret that is sure to play a major role in the game.

Imagine the Batman Arkham games, except with samurais in Japan. Combat seems to be fairly slow paced, at least when compared to other third-person action games.

The new trailer kicked off with Spidey and his pal Yuri Watanabe investigating a disturbance at supervillain prison the Raft, before the two were quickly attacked by Electro.

From what we have seen in the trailer, there is a lot more on offer here than there was 12 months ago. All four exclusives will receive "deep dives" from the platform holder, meaning we should get a good long look at gameplay and new details on story, characters, mechanics, and much more. This trailer will have to do for now, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more on Ghost of Tsushima as we move through the rest of 2018.

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