Kilauea Volcano Still Erupting; More Than 600 Homes Destroyed

Small Earthquake Triggered by Minor KIlauea Explosion

Kilauea Volcano Still Erupting; More Than 600 Homes Destroyed

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologist Janet Babb says there hasn't been a lot of change in recent days as lava from an erupting volcano keeps spewing from a crack in the ground.

Lava continued to fountain out of Fissure 8, reaching heights of about 200 feet, while Pele's hair and other lightweight volcanic glass accumulated on the ground within Leilani Estates area.

It's possible a new fissure will open or vigorous flows could emerge from vents that have been inactive.

In the meantime, fewer workers are needed to staff a 24-hour operations center and officials are reducing checkpoints, Magno said.

A large flow of lava from a fissure that has already destroyed hundreds of homes is continuing to enter the ocean at Kapoho Bay. Magno says additional workers can be called in if conditions change.

A small explosion occurred at the summit of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, officials said Sunday morning.

To date, lava has destroyed more than 600 homes and forced close to 400 people into emergency shelters.

"Seismic activity at the crater continues with gas explosions and ash eruptions under 10,000 feet (3,050m)".

An eruption at Kilauea summit jolted the area Wednesday with the force of a 5.4 magnitude quake and hurled an ash plume that reached 10,000 feet above sea level.

Ash expelled during explosions may cause poor visibility and slippery conditions for drivers.

Gas emissions remain "very high" from the various eruptions and have increased over the past two weeks, with winds expected to bring vog - a smog containing volcanic gases and debris - to the south and west sides of Hawaii.

Lava covers a road on the outskirts of Pahoa during ongoing eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, U.S., June 9, 2018.

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