Girl Wouldn’t Stop Playing ‘Fortnite’ To Use Bathroom, Sent To Rehab

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Their daughter had been waiting until her parents fell asleep and then playing Fortnite until 5am, for the last two months.

Her parents told The Daily Mirror that their daughter, who is still at primary school, would get up in the middle of the night to keep playing, would not go to the toilet, would fall asleep in class because she was so exhausted from staying up all night on the game and assaulted her father when he tried to take the game away from her.

A nine-year-old girl in the United Kingdom is so gripped with the game, she wet herself, instead of putting down the controller to go to the toilet, the Sunday People reported.

Fortnite might be free-to-play, but many gamers opt to spend their cash for optional in-game items to give their characters unique looks and dances. However, the gravity of the situation came to the forefront when the father found her sitting on an urine-soaked cushion while playing the game.

"Of course we were furious and confiscated her Xbox", said her mother.

"She was so hooked to the game she wouldn't even go to the toilet", the child's mother said, via the Daily Mail.

The girl's parents bought her the Xbox in January and she downloaded Fornite - endorsed by numerous celebrities - soon after.

However, counsellor Steve Pope, who is treating the girl, warned it could be a "gateway" into further addictions in later life. Epic's director of video production shared an image of the bus on Twitter this week after a site test.

In the United States, the Fortnite addiction is equally as bad with many parents trying to figure out how to keep their kids away from the battle royale.

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that addictive online shooter games can have a damaging impact on children.

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