Forza Horizon 4 now available for pre-order from Microsoft

Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference live stream set for 1 pm PDT; Gears of War, Halo 6 and maybe some fighting games en route?

Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft!

Essentially, the new service looks to be a streaming version the Xbox Game Pass that provided access to some major titles on Xbox One consoles for a monthly fee; think Netflix for Xbox games, only with the need to download the games rather than stream them.

They also delivered in a big way in terms of third-party premieres, which may not seem that important on paper, but it shows a willing from Microsoft to push the Xbox One forward as the platform, especially with the X's added power.

Behind the scenes, the gathering will explore issues like the use of artificial intelligence in games, and streaming console-quality titles from the cloud to devices other than consoles. At E3 yesterday, it officially revealed the program. Those events began Saturday with the kickoff of Electronic Arts' (EA) EA Play fan fest in Hollywood. "The E3 demo showcases some of the exciting potential of this technology-everything you see is running in-engine".

Included in the Microsoft arsenal is the use of artificial intelligence to make game worlds and characters more realistic.

Financial details of the acquisitions of Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, and Compulsion Games were not disclosed.

Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference live stream set for 1 pm PDT; Gears of War, Halo 6 and maybe some fighting games en route?
Microsoft and EA to bring console-level gaming to mobile with new streaming services

"We embarked on a quest to find creative teams that have the mastery of our art", Spencer said. "We found innovative game designers, master storytellers and exceptional world builders".

Given AMD now has a strong hold on the console market it's very likely the new Xbox consoles will be powered by enhanced Radeon graphics beyond Vega.

"People in certain regions where maybe a console isn't as appropriate, they don't have a television at home, they don't have space in their apartment to kind of set things up the way they want".

To counter that, Microsoft surprised with a huge number of Japanese games coming to Xbox. "Bigger announcements included Playground Games" Forza Horizon 4, which allows players to race around the United Kingdom countryside in a massive shared-world racing tournament, with dynamic seasons affecting conditions; the reveal of Techland's Dying Light 2, evolving the parkour-inspired survival horror with a new, wildly branching consequences system; and Capcom's slick-looking Devil May Cry 5. Microsoft is also ditching the show floor and won't have a massive booth inside the convention center this year.

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