E3 2018: God of War is getting New Game Plus

E3 2018: New Game + Coming to God of War

God of War Will Be Getting a New Game+ Mode [UPDATE]

Today, the Sony E3 2018 press conference kicked off with a blast, by showing truly impressive and rather gory footage from The Last of Us Part II.

It's been almost two months since Sony launched God of War on the PS4, giving players ample time to complete the game.

Most modes unlock after you beat a game the first time around, giving you the opportunity to replay it from the start and retain some of your skills, levels, items, and so on.

As you have probably guessed, God of War's New Game+ mode will allow you to lug all your hard-earned upgrades and gear across to a fresh adventure.

No specific release date was detailed yet for the release of New Game+, but Sony stated that it will be made available in an update "at a later date". Being that this new entry has some deep RPG elements, is there a God of War New Game Plus mode? However, Sony did say that New Game+ will provide a higher difficulty to not make it a complete cakewalk.

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