E3 2018: Death Stranding Trailer Mixes Gameplay With Weird Cut-scenes

Death Stranding E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

E3 2018: Watch the wild new Death Stranding trailer

Kojima Productions' upcoming title Death Stranding got another look with a new trailer showing off its gameplay at E3 2018 and we got a look at the likeness of Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux, and we're still confused.

The video showcased the very first gameplay, with the main character exploring some absolutely lovely environments. We got our first in-engine look at Death Stranding and I could just look at Norman Reedus crawling up rocks for hours. Gameplay showed him traversing rivers, climbing the side of a mountain, walking across expansive plains, then Martian-like dirt areas with floating drones around. Interestingly, characters other than Reedus are shown carrying out similar explorations, and numerous slides throughout the trailer highlighted cooperation or interaction. The further he walks, the more boxes he seems to acquire, which pile up on his back. "Give me your hand in life", "Give me your hand in death", and so on.

That's about all we've seen at the E3 showcase. We're also introduced to a new character played by Lea Sydoux, who has a truly incredible jacket.

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