IHOP reveals the ‘b’ in its new name, IHOb, stands for burgers

IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb

IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb

According to the restaurants website, IHOP traces its roots back to the opening of the first International House of Pancakes restaurant in 1958 in Toluca Lake, Calif.

America's beloved pancake house announced its new name Monday, the International House of Burgers.

"We're flippin' from pancakes, pancakes, pancakes to burgers, burgers, burgers", a Facebook post read.

Some people love the new change while others...not so much. A representative for the brand also confirmed that only its flagship location, in Los Angeles, Calif., will be rebranded as an "IHOb" in honor of the launch.

The seven new burgers include the "Big Brunch"- a patty topped with bacon, a fried egg and a crispy browned potato - the "Cowboy BBQ"; "Jalapeno Kick;" "Mushroom & Swiss;" "The Classic;" "The Classic with Bacon" and the "Mega Monster", which features two patties.

They encouraged customers to guess what the "b" would stand for, but it seems like no one on Twitter could have guessed it would be burgers.

"We're serious about the quality of food and our menu, and this name change really reflects that", the executive director of communications said. By late last week, however, self-identified employees of the chain began revealing the burger-based news via online forums and social media platforms.

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