George, Charlotte and royal kids steal the show on Palace balcony

Princess Charlotte and Savannah Phillips

UK PRESS VIA GETTY IMAGESPrincess Charlotte bonded with her older cousin Savannah Phillips at today's Trooping the Colour

It was a busy weekend for the Cambridges this weekend as they had Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

This was Prince George, Princess Charlotte and mum Kate Middleton's first public appearance since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

The little girls, who are George and Charlotte's second cousins, are clearly very comfortable with Catherine's children, having appeared on the balcony with them at the Trooping the Colour the previous day, where Savannah got a laugh from viewers after she was caught putting her hand over George's mouth, having clearly had enough of his rendition of "God Save the Queen".

The four-year-old prince, who makes us go aww with his mischievous expressions, was standing alongside Princess Charlotte and cousin Savannah Phillips, who were busy enjoying the show.

George and his friends were spotted playing with some toy guns.

Prince George was pictured playing with a toy gun, toy knife and handcuffs as he had fun in the sun with their mother as his father played polo.

Princess Charlotte threw a small tantrum at one point but it was still pretty adorable.

She took in the match with cousin-in-law Autumn Phillips, who brought her children as well.

Prince George smiled as he played with the the dark-blue toy gun while Kate watched William on the polo field.

She was also seen relaxing in Kate's lap and climbing up a bank with her mother.

She later raced George across a lawn with the young prince sticking out his tongue as he outpaced his sister.

The moment has been captured, with people going gaga over this royal Tow Sawyer-like child, also giving a ideal throwback to the time Prince Harry shared a similar moment with Princess Beatrice.

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