E3 2018: Cyberpunk 2077 Kicks Back with An Incredible Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 logo on a dark background

Cyberpunk 2077 closes Microsoft’s E3 show

For those not aware, the Polish studio's forthcoming game was first teased back in 2013 and was even the subject of a blackmail attempt a year ago, whereby CD Projekt RED was threatened with the release of stolen materials related to the game. Can't deny it. It's all true. He tells us that everybody still wants to live there, as that city is the city of dreams.

The trailer gives us but a glimpse into dystopian future of Cyberpunk 2077, particularly Night City, voted as the "worst place in America" for its high crime rate and high level of people living in poverty.

CD Projekt Red announced the game back in 2013. Only time will tell if it can exceed the ridiculousness of The Witcher 3's infamous unicorn scene though...

The narrator in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer introduces himself as a big dreamer and we see some familiar sights such as a monorail, while there were a lot of futuristic elements such as holographic displays, sci-fi weapons, flying cars, and superfast cars. Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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