How about starting your day with a cup of broccoli coffee?

Australian scientists brew up broccoli latte

A Melbourne cafe tried serving broccoli lattes

As you can imagine, it has only received "mixed reviews" and yet we are sure this will be flooding all the coffee shops in no time and eventually your Instagram feeds.

Though the powder can be added to your smoothies, dips, soups, and bread, CSIRO chose to try it out on coffee by introducing the "broccolatte" to one of the cafes in Melbourne.

A new way of processing broccoli could help you get your servings of vegetables, while dealing with the wastage of "unsightly" food. Vogue Australia reports that CSIRO, an Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, and Hort Innovations, an Australian horticultural group, have created a powdered broccoli product that one Melbourne café is turning into broccoli lattes, or "broccolattes".

Broccoli is a nutrient-rich vegetable, with plenty of fibre, vitamins A, B1 and B6, potassium, zinc and magnesium, among many others.

The broccoli powder will undergo further development to make it as palatable as possible before it appears in everyday cafes and stores. According to Mashable, the broccoli powder is made by using a "combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes" that keeps the flavor, color, and nutrients from the tiny green trees while also making it easy to mix in to any sort of liquid.

I like to eat eat eat broccoli and coffee, and now we all can drink drink drink broccoli in our coffee.

"Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this", Lloyd said in a statement.

There is approximately one serve of broccoli in every two tablespoons of powder, and Hort Innovation Chief Executive John Lloyd said the powder would appeal to those seeking healthier lifestyles and parents who struggle with children who are fussy eaters. Australians do not eat enough vegetables and farmers across Australia will have access to an alternative market while improving farm yields and sustainability. "They will also be contributing to healthier lifestyles!"

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