GDPR Questions Answered: Are you still Covered if you Leave Europe?

Apple privacy update

GETTY • APPLEApple has updated its privacy and data settings

The new rules are aligned with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) which enters into force on 25 May 2018. What's more, companies must get explicit consent from every customer to track them through websites and apps-or respect their choice to opt out. "It has also helped standardize requirements across Europe and it has gotten attention from senior executives due to the size of the potential penalties [20 million euros or 4% of total world-wide revenue - whichever is higher]".

"However, it's important to note that European data protection law is increasingly seen as a benchmark, and as a result there are signs of a move towards harmonization globally, with increasing numbers of countries adopting similar laws". Yet 17 of 24 authorities that responded to a Reuters survey said they lacked the necessary funding to fulfill their GDPR duties, although 11% said they would have them in the future.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is aiming to completely transform the way companies handle personal data.

Some of i-Sight's new GDPR-compliant features include the ability to configure intake forms with a clear right to refuse data collection and with specific language that explains the objective, use and data subjects' rights associated with their data. i-Sight allows companies to comply with requirements for timely updating, export, transfer and deletion of personal data.

"It's crucial that companies wise up on compliance in time", Pasquet wrote in an email. "By now, all employees, from the top down, should have an understanding of the importance of GDPR and the role they play in keeping this data safe", said Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA Apricorn.

The GDPR doesn't apply to only big companies. In the USA, the portal has two main functions: correcting the information Apple has associated with a particular account, and permanently deleting an account and its associated data from Apple's services.

Adding to the confusion is GDPR's vagueness. Many of these issues are covered by GDPR as well.

And since your Apple ID is often tied to iCloud data, like photos, reminders, and other content, you can also access that information from the Privacy Portal.

A similar portal will come to the US and other worldwide markets later on, but Apple hasn't revealed the timing.

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