Candidate for governor responds to sexual misconduct claims

Nate Boulton

Nate Boulton

Two other women claimed Boulton rubbed himself against their bodies when he was in law school decades ago.

Physician Andy McGuire said that "it does not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a man or a woman, no one deserves to feel the sting of being devalued as a human being".

"This kind of behavior, sexual harassment misconduct is not only wrong for our politics, it's wrong for our society in general", candidate John Norris said.

Boulton released a statement apologizing to the women and adding he would not "disqualify what these women felt at the time or in hindsight". He called the allegations against Boulton "deeply disturbing".

"So I to believe that Senator Nate Boulton needs to back out of the race, we can't have that cloud over the race", candidate Ross Willburn said. These allegations are detailed and compelling.

In Iowa, the issue took shape last summer when a jury awarded $2.2 million to a former staffer for Senate Republicans who says she was sacked after reporting verbal harassment in the workplace. Nate Boulton, D-Des Moines, at the Statehouse in Des Moines, Iowa.

And Reynolds fired a longtime friend and director of the Iowa Finance Authority, Dave Jamison, after receiving accounts of him sexually harassing employees. These are not assertions that he used positions of power, threatened retaliation or reprisal, or that he was in any position to do so.

Senate Minority Leader Janet Petersen said, "Iowans should not tolerate sexual harassment, and women who come forward to tell their stories show great courage". These are situations outside the employment context and were prior to holding public office. "But I am not going to offer any additional context to this, other than to say if someone's perspective is that it was inappropriate and I crossed a line and I misread a situation in a social setting, I do apologize", he said.

Boulton told the Register he does not plan to make changes to his campaign in the final days before the primary.

Early voting for the June 5th primary is underway.

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