Tesla CEO Musk promises Model 3 braking fix

Consumer Reports raises concerns over Tesla Model 3 braking

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Admits to Model 3 Braking Issue Promises Fix via Software The Associated Press 22 May 2018

Tesla boss Elon Musk has admitted there is a braking issue in its Model 3 cars but promised a firmware update to fix it "in the next few days". Musk said the Model 3 is "15 percent quicker [than the M3] and with better handling". On her Twitter, Grimes wrote, "he has never prevented them from unionizing.it's quite literally fake news. trust me, i've investigated this heavily and even visited factories etc". He said that Tesla must increase Model 3 production to 5,000 cars a week - and then keep up that pace for three to six months - before it could begin shipping the base version. Buy one, strip it down to the last bolt, measure everything and document your findings.Munro & Associates is a Detroit-area automotive.

On Monday, the company faced a new setback with a critical Consumer Reports evaluation of the Model 3.

When critics noted an improvement to the brakes would be pretty hard to accomplish using an over-the-air software update, Musk added that even if the brakes had to be physically replaced, Tesla will "make sure all Model 3's having fantastic braking ability at no expense to customers". "We've conducted it on more than 500 vehicles, and we are always looking for consistent, repeatable results", Fisher said. "Tesla won't stop until Model 3 has better braking than any remotely comparable auto", Musk stated via Twitter. "First time we've seen anything like this".

This issue is being closely examined by multiple publications at the moment, and Consumer Reports noted that the inconsistency of the braking was not easy to explain.

"Even if a physical upgrade is needed to existing fleet, we will make sure Model 3's have fantastic braking ability at no expense to customers". But the Model 3 fell a bit short of getting the magazine's approval because "testers found flaws-big flaws-such as long stopping distances in our emergency braking test and difficult-to-use controls". "If Tesla can update the brakes over the air-an industry first-we'd be happy to retest our Model 3".

Other factors not related to performance stats also rubbed Consumer Reports the wrong way.

The magazine also did not recommend Tesla's Model X SUV, calling it "more showy than practical". "This vehicle places nearly all its controls and displays on a center touch screen, with no gauges on the dash, and few buttons inside the auto". "This layout forces drivers to take multiple steps to accomplish simple tasks", it wrote, adding that functions including adjusting the wing mirrors or the AC required interaction with the screen, thereby taking drivers' eyes off the road.

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