Man Punches Deaf Pregnant Woman And Her Service Dog On Flight

After Manley allegedly hit Zariel, the dog yelped and hid from his attacker under a seat Ms Ramirez said

After Manley allegedly hit Zariel, the dog yelped and hid from his attacker under a seat Ms Ramirez said

Manley said his wife, Petrini, 56, complained of being allergic to dogs as the plane began its descent and taxi to the gate.

The deaf couple then confronted Manley, who then punched the pregnant woman too, according to the police report. She and her 30-year-old boyfriend are also deaf, and were traveling with their service dog, a Great Dane named Zariel. The service dog, a Great Dane, then woke up. Police said Timothy Manley thought the dog was taking up too much space, became enraged and punched the animal with a closed fist, causing her to yelp, shake her head and hide under a seat. Manley told police the service dog "took up more space than [he] felt it deserved".

'They fell and cried so hard, ' she said.

Manley continued his obnoxious, entitled behavior, telling police "It took you all long enough to get here", after two officers arrived, according to the report.

Because both Ramirez and Silvay are deaf, she said, her husband wasn't able to explain that what happened was an accident.

Ms Ramirez and her partner Matthew Silvay who is also deaf tried to tell Manley off as best they could but Manley allegedly then punched Ms Ramirez in the stomach
Traveler, 59, 'punched a pregnant, deaf woman AND her service dog on a Frontier flight after accusing her of letting ...

Phillip Moreno, who works at the airport, shot video of the scene, which he described as total chaos to Orlando's WESH-TV. All people involved in the outburst declined medical treatment, according to the report. Silvay later admitted to grabbing him because, he said, Manley was refusing to stay at the scene before authorities arrived.

The suspect tried to run away, punching Ramirez in the stomach and pushing her two daughters to the ground, the woman told police.

"The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier".

A spokesperson from the airline said police were contacted immediately and were there to help de-escalate the situation. They were flying from Colorado Springs to Orlando International Airport on Thursday when the incident occurred.

Because the incident occurred on an airplane, the investigation will be handled by the FBI, Michelle Guido, Orlando Police Department spokeswoman, told the Orlando Sentinel.

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