The Most Popular Connecticut Baby Names Of 2017

Find out Louisiana's top baby names for 2017

Top Florida baby names for 2017 announced

It's the first decision parents get to make for their babies: the name.

. It's daunting, exhilarating and can be exhausting.

Hover over the packed bubbles to reveal the name and popularity rank.

The Social Security Administration released the list Thursday, highlighting this year's crop and the popularity of names throughout the decades. However, numerous 2017 top names are making a first appearance on the list. Trailing Olivia on the state girls' list were Emma, Sophia, Mia and Ava. The third most popular name in OR for girls was (game-changer) Sophia.

Nancy A. Berryhill, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, announced last week that Liam and Emma were the most popular baby names in the U.S. How does NY compare to the rest of the country?

There were 1,427 baby boys named Liam and 1,227 girls named Olivia.

"I know your name!" says local little one Novalie Anderson to Kai Sabadin.

The top five boy names, in order, are Liam, Noah, Lucas, Elijah and Matthew. Oh Oliver! Sweet, lovely and a little quirky- if you ask me. In Oregon, the other popular names included Liam, Henry and Benjamin. In fact, the top ten names in each category are very similar to last year's list. Who knows what names will be given to the babies in 2018.

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