Scientists have found a ghostly ninth planet of the Solar system?

A study reveals that there could be a ninth planet in our solar system

Scientists Say New 'Planet 9' Evidence May Solve the Greatest Mystery in Our Solar System

Talking to Quanta co-author of the paper David Gerdes stated that this isn't really evidence that there is a planet 9 however that the existence of 2015 BP519 makes it most likely that there is a planet 9.

The possibility for this mysterious planet hinges on the movements of other objects further than Neptune. The discovery of a Trans Neptunian object with an orbit potentially altered by a ninth planet has baffled experts. Now, a new study, which the arXiv physics reprint server recently published, claims that planet nine might be to blame for the unusual orbit of a Trans Neptunian space object. For something as extreme as 2015 BP519, the fact that this hypothetical planet slots perfectly into the simulation to explain that skewed orbit is remarkable. Moreover, the orbit 2015 BP519 54 degrees tilted relative to the plane of the orbits of the planets of the Solar system. So, in order to reach their unexpected conclusion, the team used some computer simulation of the solar system.

Astronomers have noted for a while that the orbits and positioning of a large number of TNOs seem to follow a odd pattern, which is most likely explained by the existence of a massive object pulling on them with its gravity. Observations of the orbit of the object showed that it was strongly inclined to the axis of the Solar system.

Researchers might have simply discovered important proof in the discovery on the ninth planet in the solar system.

As soon as scientists included homes proposed by scientists from Caltech thinking about a ninth planet, 2015 BP519's orbit matched almost precisely.

To be clear, this new research doesn't confirm the existence of Planet Nine, but it doesn't take the gang from Scooby-Doo to realize that the evidence is piling up heavily in its favor.

An astrophysicist who is trying to find Planet Nine, says that to believe that the planet does not exist "generates more problems than you solve".

The new object was spotted in data from the Dark Energy Survey that studies a region well above the plane of the solar system.

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