Nikki Bella On Her Future With John Cena, His Recent Comments & More

This is why WWE star Nikki Bella doesn't want to have kids by her own

Nikki Bella: John Cena is 'the one'

John Cena and Nikki Bella's break-up has been rumored to possibly be a work. There's still hope for a reunion, though, according to Bella.

In an extremely candid interview with the Today show on Monday, John shockingly said he had changed his mind about wanting to have kids with Nikki. She does things that are so Bryan and then she will do things that are so me.

When asked by Access if inspiring other women to avoid going through with weddings they were unsure about motivated her to include the agonizing decision in the show, Nikki said it was. Right. He's Prince Charming. "You guys know this, John is absolutely an unbelievable man". She allegedly chose to end things due to being made to feel like Cena was only marrying her out of pity.

Nikki - who is the twin sister of fellow wrestler Brie Bella - then announced she hasn't ruled out a reconciliation between the pair, but wants to be absolutely sure of her feelings if and when she walks down the aisle.

'As women we're such pleasers and especially when you get so close to your wedding you don't want to disappoint your family, his family, you think about everything you've paid you just go through with it'.

The Dancing with the Stars alum confirmed in her interview this week that she and Cena have stayed in contact since ending their six-year relationship. He's my best friend. I think, you know, we both are very mature about all of this, knowing we are in the spotlight, and we both definitely have hope for us together in the future. She said that people will see the journey on Total Bellas and the speculation will go away after people see the drama unfold on the show.

'That's what made me want to let the cameras keep rolling, instead of demanding them to be off.

As for what she'd do if they got married in future, the WWE women's champion reckons that the wedding would be about the same as she'd planned this time around.

The new season of Total Bellas starts Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on E!

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