John Mayer Weighs In On "Laurel" vs "Yanny" Debate

The US Air Force just ruined the 'Laurel or Yanny' meme

US Air Force Weighs In On 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel' With Joke About Killing People

The US Air Force has apologized for a tweet referencing the ongoing social media debate over the Yanny vs. Laurel viral sound clip.

"The "#BRRT" in the deleted tweet likely refers to the sound made by the A-10 jet's famous 30mm cannon. It was made in poor taste and we are addressing it internally. "It has since been removed".

Politicians, corporate brands and even the Department of Defense's official Twitter account have weighed in on the debate centered around a viral audio clip that says either "Yanny" or "Laurel" depending on the listeners interpretation.

But if you hear yanny, and you're still confused as to how on earth anyone could hear anything different, you're not alone.

As battle rages near the important city of Farah in western Afghanistan, the United States military has released footage of drone strikes killing large numbers of Taliban fighters in support of Afghan army efforts to push the Islamist group from the city.

During Thursday's Pentagon briefing, a reporter asked Chief spokesperson Dana White if it was appropriate for the Air Force to "put out such a lighthearted comment essentially kind of making war a meme in light of heavy causalities that the Afghans took".

"Farah has not fallen", White said.

"The whole Farah city is cleared from the Taliban".

Abdul Basir Salangi, governor of Farah province, said at least 25 Afghan troops and five civilians were killed in the attack by the Taliban, which reached the city's center, The New York Times reported.

The Taliban boasted May 15 they had overrun large parts of Farah, which at 50,000 inhabitants is the largest city in the poppy-growing region.

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