'I hear covfefe': President Trump weighs in on 'yanny' and 'laurel'

Brain tricks

GETTYWhat do you hear

Surely by now you've already heard about the next big social media debate Yanny or Laurel?

The answer is causing people to disagree about which name they hear.

"Laurel, Laurel. Laurel", says Marcus Lagronn. There's a new mind-blower in town, and this time, quite incredibly, what you hear is supposed to depend on what you're thinking about.

The white house staff having a little bit of fun there.

Ivanka Trump is the first to appear on screen, listening to the quick audio clip before declaring "It's so clearly Laurel".

"I hear covfefe", Trump mentioned in a video posted to Twitter Thursday evening, seemingly poking enjoyable of himself after he tweeted "covfefe" one yr in the past.

There is a difference between what you hear, and why you hear it. She proudly says, "It's Laurel", before adding, "But I could deflect and defer to Yanny if you need me to".

Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a crack that touched on the president's attacks on news reporting he doesn't like, joking that the rumor that she heard laurel must have come from CNN, "because that's fake news". "If you're not picking up on those higher frequencies then it sounds more like Laurel".

"More: 'Laurel" or "yanny"?

"People may not always be able to hear things the way that you're hearing".

But, you have some closure to know what the original recording said.

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