House Speaker Paul Ryan moves to stop Republican revolt on immigration

Atlantic Trump’s Immigration Polices Reshaping the GOP			Alex Edelman-Pool  Getty Images		by Neil Munro15 May 20180		15 May 2018		15 May 2018

Atlantic Trump’s Immigration Polices Reshaping the GOP Alex Edelman-Pool Getty Images by Neil Munro15 May 20180 15 May 2018 15 May 2018

WASHINGTON-Support grew in the House for an effort to force a vote on several immigration proposals, sparking some conservatives to consider using a coming vote on the farm bill as leverage to try to block them.

The super PAC was founded in 2011 and has close ties to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

At a press availability on Wednesday morning, Ryan explained his reasoning: "Obviously, we do not agree with discharge petitions".

"We think it's important we have a vote on Goodlatte and at this point, we were not able to convince any of our members to go from "no" to "yes" on the farm bill", Meadows said.

Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan said Republican leadership had been telling members there does not appear to be enough support for passage of Goodlatte's bill, but Jordan still favours voting on it alone rather than having the House vote on it as part of a series of four measures that would be called up by the moderates' petition. "They disunify our majority", he told reporters.

Meadows wants Ryan's assurance of a vote on an immigration bill by Rep.

But Ryan's political allies decided past year that that model wasn't working - and that CLF, with its seemingly endless resources, was a "sleeping giant", as they called it.

Both moderates and conservatives leaving the speaker's offices in the evening said they had "productive" and good meetings, which included the top five House Republicans including Ryan, McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

"We imagine that this bipartisan invoice that the members have put collectively, who share the worth of defending the DREAMers, is the invoice that will win if they might simply give us a vote, give us an opportunity".

"We don't have an impending deadline for the farm bill", he said. The Freedom Caucus is also now working with moderates on a sort of compromise bill that would stick to President Donald Trump's "four pillars" on an immigration bill: a wall, scaling back family migration, ending the visa lottery program and a fix for immigrants covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

"That is why we met with the president, to advance a technique that addresses the problems that our members have, the issues they've, however doing it in a manner the place we even have a course of that may get a presidential signature, and never a presidential veto", Ryan stated.

"It was a conversation, I'm not going to divulge all the details ... but it was productive", Curbelo said. "We want to advance something that has a chance going into law where the president would support it".

Inside his earlier meeting with the full conference, Ryan mostly spoke in broad strokes about the need to balance border security and other immigration policies, said Michigan Rep. John Moolenaar.

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