Elon Musk pitches 150 miles per hour rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

The Boring Company's First Tunnel Under LA Nearing Completion

The Boring Company's First Tunnel Under LA Nearing Completion

Elon Musk has also suggested building such hyperloop tunnels in other cities outside of Los Angeles like New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

"Boring Company Hyperloop will take you from city center under ground & ocean to spaceport in 10 to 15 mins".

Musk, the Silicon Valley high-tech tycoon who founded the Tesla Inc. electric vehicle maker, also said he would offer free trips through the first two research tunnels he completes to get public feedback before proceeding with a larger system.

That announcement on Thursday night preceded a public event Musk held in the LA suburb of Bel-Air on Thursday night, during which he and Boring Company officials talked about the tunneling activities and took questions from members of the community.

Known for aggressively taking on large-scale technical challenges with which he has had little previous experience, Musk ended his pitch on a humble note, telling the audience that realizing his vision "could only happen with public support".

Musk's celebrity status preceded him, as some visitors pushed and shoved their way into the crowded hall before the event began.

Musk's presentation got underway 25 minutes behind schedule as he arrived late, which he said was due to traffic.

Whether staunch critics were swayed remained to be seen.

Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla founder who began a tunnel-digging venture called The Boring Co. a year ago in Hawthorne, said on Twitter that he will present plans and take questions during the 7 p.m. meeting at Leo Baeck Temple.

A 2.7-mile (4.3-kilometer) test tunnel Musk proposes to build ran into headwinds from neighborhood organizations after a city council committee voted to let Boring Co go ahead with the project without an environmental review.

He shared a timelapse video last week zooming through the Hawthorne tunnel, saying the company plans to offer free demonstration rides to the public "in a few months".

The plan would rely on the same rocket the company is now building to take humans to Mars. He added he has every intent of submitting to a full environmental study for the tunnel network as a whole when the time comes.

Musk also imagined that the city's roads could become parks or gardens, and said the tunnels could be "almost like an autonomous, underground multi-level vehicle system". He noted that they would but given the length of the process would do so once moving towards a larger-scale project rather than on one of the test tunnels.

Hundreds of entrances were included in this project where passengers in pods could come down to the network of tunnels that will carry them across the city at high speeds. "You won't even know we exist", Musk said.

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