BMW iNEXT teased at an AGM in Munich

BMW confirms fully autonomous i for 2021

BMW Teases iNext EV

The BMW iNEXT - a new electric flagship for BMW - will arrive in production in 2021, ahead of which BMW has revealed a teaser sketch before a concept arrives later in 2018.

Claimed to incorporate "major areas of innovation in a road-ready vehicle", the iNEXT will debut BMW's latest pure-electric powertrain and battery technology, as well as advanced autonomous driving aids.

Krueger said the iNext combined "all key technologies of future mobility" as a fully electric and partially self-driving auto with high safety standards.

The company previously hinted at a range of up to 435 miles, presumably based on the generous NEDC test cycle. Not much could be made out of it, but it does give us an idea about it. The model is dubbed as BMW iNEXT and is expected to enter into production by the year 2021.

BMW's electric crossover - dubbed the "iNext" - will be shown off later this year. For the first time, we're combining all key technologies for future mobility in one vehicle. BMW hasn't revealed much else about the auto other than it will be developed in parallel with the i4, another all-electric sedan which like many forthcoming BMW products, would certainly also have semi-autonomous driving capability. It will be developed in tandem with the i4 electric large sedan concept first seen in Frankfurt in 2017. So expect the BMW iNEXT to be similar.

Krueger also said the iNext will offer Level 3 self-driving capabilities, which will let the driver cede control to the vehicle under certain conditions as long as they stand ready (or at least sit ready) to retake control within seconds if any warnings sound. Going forward, all pure electric BMW models will sport the "i" badge and come equipped with fifth-generation battery technology.

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