Blake Lively gets Deadpool nail art for Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2

If anything, the surprising success of the original has resulted in more money and more insane sequences, like a chase sequence with a truck convoy and a freaky scene when Deadpool's legs regrow after he is cut in half, giving him baby limbs for a time. Invites have been revoked.

Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, whose special power is quickly healing to cartoonish effect when he's sliced, diced, shot or subdivided by a hand grenade. It's also way filthier, magnificently tone-deaf and utterly relentless in the sodden path that it has chosen to walk.

If Deadpool was a love story, Deadpool 2 is a family film, in part. Ignored. But I was in for the most unpleasantly pleasant surprise.

If you think the movie would have the restraint to not highlight, underline and make jokes about the fact that this is the plot to "Terminator", then you should adjust your expectations immediately.

If you are looking for laughs, there is an onslaught of jokes mixed in with a lot of talk about sex.

'We're shooting in August, most of the set is on fire, so there was not much you could do - that suit gets pretty gross, ' he said. Fortunately, the sequel comes off as much more than a cash grab. Deadpool always works well in a kind of "down and dirty" context. It's a rushed sequel that wants to be good. Deadpool has vowed to save Russell from Cable and the fight begins! And get ready to happily sit through "Deadpool 3", too.

A sorta bad guy, Cable, wants to kill a kid.

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2
Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin (as Cable): "My name's Cable". This sets Wade - who decides that the young mutant has given his life the objective that it has been lacking - and Cable - who wants nothing but revenge - on a collision course.

The wait for Deadpool 2 is over. In that department, it blows Steven Spielberg's recent film, Ready Player One, clean out of the water.

Deadpool 2 is not going to change the world, but it'll give you two hours of outrageous, escapist fun.

If there's one drawback to the zippy nature of the film, and the way it storms through major plot points with little time to soak up what's going on, it's that some of the moments where it's clear they want things to be a little more dramatic and heartfelt fall a little flat because you're expecting something to amusing to kill the tension. This is old material. Wrong answer, Max - the correct one was "Yes". One great thing about Deadpool, is unlike most superheroes, he can show up in some of the most random places.

Introducing the gender-neutral, non-sexist X-Force.

In the new featurette that just dropped, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (of course) looks back with fawning admiration at the "shared universe" they built during Deadpool's ostensible Phase One. It's directed by David Leitch, and written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Reynolds.

It's just a shame that this sequel didn't take more chances, especially considering how unique the first Deadpool was. Not because of the performance as much as just the smartness of the idea of a lucky superhero. It occupies that same hyper-real fantasia of the first film, but with enough flair - certainly visually - to feel independent of the original. The Merc With a Mouth is finally back with more of everything that made the first film such a wild success among comic book fans, including bigger action, more R-rated and irreverent jokes, more superhero characters, and... Sure Marvel Studios may have popularized post credit scenes, but Deadpool 2 has the best ones you will ever see.

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