AT&T Launching New Streaming Version of DirecTV

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AT&T's DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features

This young man is experience intense stress over a time of economic downturn or other financial hardship. Later this summer, AT&T plans to add the option for DirecTV Now customers to record up to 100 hours, with programs stored for up to 90 days, for an additional $10 per month.

DIRECTV NOW's cloud DVR feature allows users to save up to 20 hours of content for up to 30 days. However, AT&T announced today that DTV Now customers can now watch on a third device, or third stream, for an additional $5 a month. This summer the company plans to launch a commercial service for up to 100 hours to keep up to 90 days, for Dollars 10 per month.

DIRECTV Now's base programming package now costs just $35 a month, which most analysts believe is too little to generate a profit by itself. For example, subscribers who live in L.A. can now watch the local TV stations in NY or other areas if they're traveling (depending on availability of local channels on DirecTV Now).

But it remains to be seen if cord-cutters will go along with AT&T's strategy. They expect to be able to offer the DirecTV streaming service at a lower cost than their satellite service. Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV have storage limits, but save recordings indefinitely.

The new experience is rolling out on recent-generation iOS/tvOS devices and supported web browsers and will be available for recent Android, Fire TV and Roku devices over the coming weeks.

Also, DirecTV Now users can access local TV channels in other cities when they're outside their home market. However, they can now watch local channels on the road, if a network affiliate is available in that area.

In addition, DirecTV Now is introducing a new look and feel for its app across platforms. The new versions promise a new layout that puts your most-watched channels and shows "front and center". The guide itself has been revamped to show more information, and viewers can browse for something new to watch while still viewing their current stream.

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